The foundation adopted by our mission is to foster the development of our skills and professional knowledge, maintain reliability and the highest ethical norms while improving the quality of service.
The essential elements of our strategy are:

  • high quality of service
  • timeliness
  • adequate technical facilities
  • qualified and reliable team.

We want to show that the mission that we have chosen leads to a well-organized company, distinct from the competition, which will assure us lasting success in the market.


We make sure that our main performance criteria are the quality and dynamics of growth which we aim to achieve by using the following principles:

  • the highest quality of service evaluated by our Clients
  • high standing in the debt collection market

In terms of social values, we would like our company to be a place where people are willing and able to work, in particular:

  • They have the need and the opportunity to continuously improve themselves and their work
  • They feel good and form a harmonious team

We want to be a trustworthy company, an expert with whom you can have a foolproof cooperation.