About company

We specialize in amicable recovery of debts. If arbitration at this stage fails we offer a comprehensive support in conducting the cases through judicial and enforcement proceedings.

We also offer our Customers other services that can provide support for companies seeking solutions related or close to debt recovery field.

Our staff consists of professionals whose experience in debt collection goes back 15 years. Employees of Dial Tone Sp. z o.o. are highly qualified, which ensures the highest quality and timely execution of ordered files. Apart from the expertise being enhanced by periodic training, our employees have appropriate personality traits and create a harmonious, efficiently cooperating team.

Our goal is to provide personalized service at a high level, which is achieved by following the flexible approach to each client. We proceed in compliance with the law, industry standards, ethical standards and internal procedures.

We cooperate with our Customers in partnership, we listen to their needs and suggestions thus achieving optimum performance levels while maintaining high quality of service.

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