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Amicable debt collection

Amicable debt collection service includes support for files at various stages of delay of payment.
Our aim at the pre-judicial, amiable stage of debt recovery is to achieve the highest efficiency so as to minimize cost of possible legalaction.

In the process of files handling we use tools such as a written text and voice messages , e-mails in group proceedings, regular telephone campaigns after verifying the cases in respect of current contact information for the debtor. In selected cases actions of the office staff may be supported by service of experienced field debt collectors.
The schedule of activities is selected individually to meet customer’s needs and according to the internal business processes in the organization of the Customer.

Legalaction and execution proceedings:

When handling of files by amiable means brings no effect in the form of the recovery of debts, we offer a support in conducting the cases through judicial and then enforcement proceedings.
Obtaining a payment order occurs under the electronic writ of payment proceedings without the need for collection and submission of paper documents to minimize the costs associated with litigation.

We can support the process of file handling by additional debt collection activities during a pre-judicial phase thus reducing the costs of eventual enforcement proceedings. For outstanding debts at this stage we initiate executory proceedings.

In order to meet the needs of our clients and changing market trends we are extending our services to other services aiding companies seeking solutions related or close to debt collection field and based on direct contact.
If you are interested in services provided by Dial Tone Sp. z o.o., please contact us at: 22 270 09 72 or send your inquiry via e-mail: ds@dialtone.pl.

- Debt recovery without any initial charges!

Debt recovery is conducted at the expense and risk of Dial Tone Sp. z o.o.